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Myofascial decompression (more commonly known as "cupping") is a unique treatment that uses suction to lift tissue as the cup is moved by the therapist to decompress underlying tissue.​​​​​​​

There are two basic types of cupping procedures: wet and dry cupping. ProActive Health utilizes ​​​​​​​​​​​dry cupping, which involves no direct drawing out of any blood, but still involves the creation of a vacuum inside a cup and distraction of the soft tissues, resulting in increased circulation to the skin.  

The suction created by the cup produces a tensile stress on the skin and underlying tissue, along with compressive forces underneath the rim of the cup.  These tensile stresses are thought to cause dilation and rupture of the superficial capillaries, creating the reddish-colored circles.  This may reduce discomfort in the target tissues by stimulating inhibitory neural pathways. Thus, cupping may create a "counter irritation" effect that temporarily increases pressure pain thresholds (i.e. decrease pain).  Additionally, altered local metabolic activity may contribute to this effect.